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Lore Lindu National Park is the largest habitat of native mammals in Sulawesi. Monkey ghost (Tangkasi), babirusa, possum marsupials, Anoa, monkeys kakaktonkea, deer and raccoons (the largest meat-eating animals in Sulawesi).

The Bada Valley lies in a relatively flat area, surrounded by hills, so the clouds that are held up on the hilltop that surround the valley presents dramatic views. 

In the middle of the Bada Valley flowing Lariang River, blend with the River Malei, so the flow of the Lariang River becomes more swift. Because this is the River Lariang used to be used as a place of river rafting sport.

Dozens of ancient statues are said to have existed since the 14th century. Megaliths in the Bada Valley were first discovered in 1908. Although the discovery has lasted more than 100 years, little has been known about the object, one of which is when the stone statue was made. Some people speculate that the stones were carved about 5,000 years ago, while others suspect the megaliths were made about 1,000 years ago.

According to Ancient Origins, it is not known who created a megalith statue in the Bada Valley. Although there are allegations that the stone was made by a culture that makes megaliths elsewhere in Southeast Asia, the megaliths in the Bada Valley are unique.

However in the note A.C. Kruyt, the founder of Poso City, before the arrival of the Dutch in 1908 in Lore, still applies people to make the grave of stone. And there's still a place for making Kalamba for burials. So the loading of these objects comes from various times, some of which come from close to hundreds of years or young megaliths.

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