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This tour package is a combination of cultural tourism and nature tourism. Where for cultural tourism will be very focused on places where cultural activities are often done, and ever done, such as graves in large rocks, graves on stone walls, as well as very old rocks that have been used as buffalo mooring when it will be slaughtered and a traditional village still inhabited by indigenous Torajans. There is also a large tree that is perforated and used as a baby grave.

And for cultural tourism is the most popular to watch is the funeral ceremony. The uniqueness of a series of ceremonies conducted for days and even months after going through some ceremonies that are not less unique that has been held before.

And the most desirable to visit is when the day where almost all types of animals are given as offerings, then sacrificed by slaughter and the results are then distributed to all family members in attendance. In addition, the procession removal of the corpse from Rumah Tongkonan to the field that has been arranged with a variety of traditional decoration, will also be very interesting to watch. Whatever embellish the funeral ceremony, will always have the meaning and function of why there are decorative ornaments.

The natures in Tana Toraja dominate by the bamboo clumps and the pine trees. The topography  is mountainous and hilly , created the fantastic view from the highland, and almost of the locals is living as a farmer, and their create the hillside and mountain side as a wonderful of panorama of the green rice terraces. In the early morning its a coolest breeze moment but the locals is ready to begin their daily activities. 

And would be memorable if you can try to wake up early morning to be a part of their life activities since it'sbegan, to enjoy the cool morning dotted with the melodies of birds, the rising of the sun and also the view of white clouds that are brought under us, it seems we are in the country over the clouds. Stay overnight in the Tongkonan traditional house, eat the test of locals culinary, knows how their life activities, will experienced and memorized you. And you can get this all sensation with the trekking in the highland of Tana Toraja..

Notes :

  • We can create Toraja combined tour package according to description above based on 04 days - 03 nights
  • We can arrange you the trip according to your duration, needs, and budget.
  • Private tours maximum 06 person and group tour maximum 16 Person

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